Project Need

The SR 161/31st Avenue SW interchange is an important transportation connection for City of Puyallup and Pierce County residents and business owners. Traffic volume on the 31st Avenue SW overpass exceeds current capacity, leading to traffic backups and delays. There are no bicycle lanes or sidewalks on the overpass. In addition, lack of a usable shoulder makes it difficult or even impossible for vehicles to yield way to emergency responders, which can lead to a slower and less reliable emergency response time.

map showing location of overpass widening study

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to identify potential strategies to improve the predictable movement of people and goods along SR 161/31st Avenue SW near SR 512 using WSDOT’s Practical Solutions approach. Practical Solutions is our approach to achieving the WSDOT mission – how we plan, design, build, operate and maintain the state’s transportation system. Our goal is to identify and solve problems as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This approach uses performance-based, data-driven decision making and early community involvement to guide the development and delivery of transportation investments. View more information about Practical Solutions.

Project Timeline

Fall 2016:

Gather data, analyze existing and future conditions

Spring to fall 2017:

Identify and analyze possible improvement strategies

Fall 2017 to winter 2018:

Draft and finalize study report and provide recommendations